Taknia has a large, dedicated, professionally trained, highly focused and motivated team of Engineers, technicians, pro-active business development staff along with all the necessary equipment, and test tools, to support them and are responsible for survey criteria, setup a different implementation plans of our projects as well as strategies, these teams of professionals are capable of doing all the works in the field of wireless, fixed Networks and FTTX.  Taknia has more than 1500 (Engineers & Technicians) having good experience in all services with well-developed knowledge

Sales & marketing of STC products or services through door to door sales; including the following:

  • Telephone lines.
  • High speed internet.
  • IPTV.


To deliver all services which will include xDSL, FTTx, Preventive Maintenance and other services within the defined KPI’s to be fully managed by Al-Taknia Co.

Covered Services

As we are the pioneer in managed services among the contractors who conduct such services for STC we honored to manage Al-Rawdah Operation Center Exchanges (Naseem, Shobah, Nahdah, Khashm Al A’an, Nadeem) providing full service solutions including:

  • xDSL I&R
  • Preventive Maintenance from Cabinet to protector.
  • FTTH Installation & Activation.
  • FTTx OSP Maintenance.
  • WiFi & Internal Wiring Solutions.
  • IPTV I&R.
The OSP network maintenance project with STC includes the following elements:

  • Preventive maintenance of cupper cabinets including all network components
  • Corrective maintenance of external network components including cabinets & distribution boxes main and secondary.
  • Pulling & troubleshooting of primary & secondary cables including digging & cable jointing.
  • Digging using Micro-trenching for primary, secondary & BSW.
  • Digging & PVC ducts installation.
  • Installation of manholes & hand-holes
  • Performing all emergency tickets related to customers

FTTH Project

Installation & repair project of telephone lines and very high speed internet with STC in customer premises through cupper cables.
The project also includes:

  • Installation & repair of IPTV service in customer premises.
  • Internal wiring
  • WiFi services